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Style: The Romantic fashions is elegance, Ethereal can be flowy, bound and restrained with tight corsets and chokers.

Inspired: Medieval, Renaissance, Victorian, and Edwardian eras.

Materials: Fabrics consist of velvets, silks, chiffon or lace.

Accessories: Pearls, chokers, crosses, ankhs, silver and precious stones.

Make Up: smoky eyes and dark lips

Gothic High Fashion

Designers: Alexander McQueen, h.NAOTO, Marko Mitanovski, Gareth Pugh, Ann Demeulemeester, Rei Kawakubo, Rodarte, John Galliano of Christian Dior, Rick Owens, Olivier Theyskens, and more

Cyber/ Industrial

Style: A futuristic post-apocalyptic world where the fashion is typically consists of bright fluorescent colours combined with darker more muted greys, silvers, black or even white. It can also be dusty and torn with faded colours and have a militaristic look.

Inspire: Mad Max, Aeon Flux, The Matrix, Blade Runner and Minority Report.

Materials: Made up of synthetic materials such as rubbers and plastics and often includes accessories necessary to survive such as masks and goggles.

Gothic Lolita

Style: Gothic Lolita fashion is a dark baby-doll look. The look generally consists of short (knee length) frilly dresses or skirts, headdresses, platform shoes, blouses and petticoats, which are often accessorised with a lace umbrella or a purse.

Sub-categories: Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Wa Lolita, Qi Lolita, ‘ji Lolita, Hime Lolita, Guro Lolita and Sailor Lolita.

Steampunk/Steamgoth/Neo Victoria

Style: Combination Victorian and Edwardian aesthetic . Neo-Victorian fashion consists of gowns, corsets, petticoats and bustles; suits with vests, coats and spats; or military-inspired garments. Steampunk-influenced outfits will often be accented with a mixture of technological and period accessories: timepieces, parasols, goggles and ray guns.

Materials: Fabrics consist of velvets, silks, chiffon or lace.

Accessories: Modern accessories like cell phones or music players modified to give them the appearance of Victorian-made objects.


Style: Gothabilly is a sub-genre of Rockabilly, mix with 1950s rhythm & blues and country stylings.

Inspired: Betty Page, Dita Von Tease, Gwen Stefani and Guns& Roses and you get the idea. It's a mixture of Rock and Roll and sometimes Spaghetti Westerns

Accessories: Cowboy hats, boots, tight fitting leather or PVC pants and dresses.

Make up: Often have long hair and wear eyeliner. The 50's Rock N Roll look includes elements such as 50's tattoo imagery, animal prints, creeper shoes, cherry accessories, polka dot clothes, pencil skirts, fishnet stockings and high heels.

Goth Punk/ Death Rock

Style: Goths Punk with a darker edge.

Accessories: Think Mohawks or big hair, band shirts, studded chokers and bondage pants.

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